Saturday, June 5, 2010


What a crazy and insane summer this has started out to be! First I have attempted to take a speech class (Comm. 101) this summer. Instead of taking it in the usual 16 weeks that would be a normal semester, I am taking it in just 16 days! Two speeches down and one to go (Tuesday is that lucky day) and then my final Thursday the same week....*focus*

On top of summer school, I am taking on a bigger challenge...last Sunday I was sustained as the Young Women's Camp Director for this coming girls camp. I was the assistant camp director but for some reason last week a member of the bishopbric pulled me out of nursery and told me that the other is out and you are in (I kinda felt like that scene in Top Gun where his commanding officer tells Maverik and Goose that they are number one after Cougar turned in his wings.....random I know). I have to be honest, but I kinda felt like I was in the dark when I found out that I was going to be the actual director and not the assistant as I really had no idea what had been going on (hmmm...a bit of a repeat from last year?? lol) 

I feel real good about this year though. We have a great theme (Alma the Younger) and some really great girls coming up (4 first years and 2 third years) and I have had a lot of support from the leaders. The YW leaders have really stepped up and helped fill in the blanks when the director(s) had been slacking a bit?? I was worried but after a few conversations and email exchanges I feel like we can really pull this off. My goal though is to make the girls grow spiritually and have fun at the same time! That way when next year comes, they will be all excited to go. That would give me the biggest feeling of satisfaction that I could ever have. Its always amazing to watch someone grow stronger (even if they are non members or inactive or just not aware of it).  As I was writing that last sentence, I realized that I am going to have to certify a girl or two since they didnt make it to the first aid clinic. That shouldnt be a big deal, I will just have to give them a copy of the test to fill out and pass. The only road block in my way is making time to certify them. activity? Will have to bring that up with at our meeting and see how we can get those two certified before camp.

So this week, like I mentioned earlier, is just going to be insane. Speech and final, possibly mutual (if i get invited since it is camp related i do believe-i think they are dutch ovening so that they can use that method at camp) and then it is my family reunion on Saturday. I got 5 journals to make for our raffle which wont take up much time at all, it will be just trying to fit them in. I also have to prepare a nursery lesson and singing time (since my other leader will be gone that sunday) and try to find Priesthood brethern to commit to coming to girls camp for a week or a couple of days! A girls work is never Then I swear everyone I know was born in the month of June....ugh!

Oh well, I guess I cant really complain because I love it! Ok most of the time I love it. I will just be happy when speech is down and over with this week!!