Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Whisper & A Clamor

So a lot of stuff has happened since my last entry. Its kinda been crazy and stressful but again, nothing that I can handle. Stress is my middle name. School has finally calmed down this past week but it is about to pick up again as I have a math test come Wednesday and midterms are the week after that. Plus I have another english paper coming up with another paper due in my math stratgies.

 Not to mention, amongst that long list of studying for school, I have to prepare a talk for sacrement meeting. I have been given two topic options: 1). How one can find happiness from the blessings from being member of the church and 2). A topic on which the Spirit tells me to talk on. Oh I am so overwhelmed with joy. I do have a little help on my side though, my big bro has offered to help me write it. So that is a plus =] For some reason the bishopbric has had me in their sights. I am not sure what I did to get a bull's eye placed on my back but they are sure aiming for me. The past two weeks have been fun as well. The pianist for the primary had asked to be released and so they came to me to see if I would be willing to take that position and give up my nursery calling. Yeah, that wasnt going over well with my other nursery leader, as she didnt want to loose me and to be honest I wasnt ready to leave the kids. HOWEVER, after a talk with the bishopbric, it has been decided that I should stay in the nursery and I am ok with that. Its been a struggle for me because I love playing the piano but I also love those kids. I am just glad the choice has been made.

So speaking of nursery, today we had 0 kids. I know shocking. My other leader said that it is like the first time since she was put in that there have been no kids to watch and teach. It was way quiet but nice at the same time. It allowed for us to talk about some of the changes we would love to see happen in the nursery and upcoming things for the kids to do as well as get some lesson prep out of the way. Its kinda funny, when I was first told i was going to be released, I had all these ideas come to me that would be fun for nursery but once I get told I am going to be staying, all those ideas have left my head and of course like any normal person,  I didnt write them down.

Wow this, entry is a little short, but that is ok...hope all is well! Enjoy!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Cruel 2B Kind

Who would have thought that January is gone and now it is February.  Time has just been flying by and I for one have no idea where it has gone!

I am sad to report that within a 24 hour time period, we have received like 6 inches of that ugly white stuff from above. I thought we were done with it and all of a sudden here it came falling from the sky. Can we say yucky!! **and yes I jus used the word yucky**

So yesterday (Sunday) was a fairly interesting day. We had a pop choir musical number during sacrement meeting and yours truly got to play for it. Now I am a dang good pianist, I just suck at playing hymns. I can play them...I just cant play them. I know that makes no sense at all and your right it doesnt, but you would have to know me to really get what I mean by that.  Nursery was nice. It was way quiet, only two kids were there. We are slowly working on breaking in our primary president's little boy (he comes in April) a little each week so that by the time the first part of April comes around, he will be ready and adjusted. We will finally have more than one little boy in there now and little "T" will have a buddy to play with.  I am not sure what it is with our nursery, but we always seem to lean towards have more girls than boys.

However small nursery was, it did make it for a long afternoon. Both I and my other leader were tired and the kids were tired. Little "T" is beginning to get his two year old molars and let me tell you, he has been really good all things considering. He was a little emotional and just about crashed in my arms from crying so hard but everything turned out ok. He is so cute to watch sing the songs during singing time. Oh yeah, I also am in charge of music in the Nursery. I was afraid that i would be singing solos for most of the year, but really the kids (even though they are still pretty young) are singing and doing the actions to them. I just get a kick out of watching their expressions, it is priceless!!! I love working with them.

After church we had a SHORT choir rehersal. Yes, we are starting that back up because the choir was asked to sing a song for ward conference on the 14th. They have chosen the old hymn Come Thou Font Of Every Blessing. I love the song and it was a relief to be able to play it the first time around. They had 5 people there. It was kinda sad and I am sure that next week wont be any better, as it is Super Bowl Sunday! So we shall see what happens.

The other eventfull thing that happened to me at church was the bishop cornered me in the chapel right before Sacrement meeting and asked if I would be willing to go back to girls camp this summer as the assistant camp director. I told him that he really should talk to his camp director first and see if she would want me to work with her. He told me that he isnt even sure that she knows i was called to that position or if she evens knows me. I told him he better talk to her first. That way, if she wants to work with me he will know or if she doesnt want to work with me, then they can work on finding someone else.  So we shall see.  I do love girls camp and last year wasnt so bad. I did learn a few things while I was up there though. 


2. Small flashlights should be carried in the pocket, that way when you have to dive out of sight, so it doesnt fall out of your hoodie pocket and you are stuck using your cell phone as a light to find your light.
3. Canvas area BEFORE it gets dark...that way you know where every little
rock, ditch and logs are.
4. Girls do like playing in the yucky water to catch frogs, its not just a boy thing.
5. Frogs need more than an inch of water and a plastic cup to survive, not direct sunlight!!
6. Frozen pot stickers should be eaten before the ice starts to melt so they
are not one big gooey mess.
7. Tarps are A MUST!!!
8.Blessings are the best over the counter medicine for allergies!
9. Pranks are a must...*evil grin*
10. Beware of those with water guns. There is no such thing as an innocent bystander.
12. Harry Potter is hot.
13. Hiding information pertaining to a prank from the rest of the camp is OK.
14. "Caligraphy" is a hilarious form of punishment.