Friday, June 29, 2012

It's Getting Closer

What a busy summer this has become! Between planning a wedding (50 days to go!) and trying to complete to classes in 8 weeks life has just been a little crazy. Not to mention a family reunion, other family members visiting, doctors appoints and ear infections. Let's just say that I am glad that there hasn't been much more go on! 

So as I mentioned before the summer semester or at least the first 8 weeks (and I am lucky that both of my classes are in the first 8 week group) for those that are attending ISU all summer long, is coming to a close next week. Yup that means it's finals week. Crazy! But as it appears, it would seem that I only have one final exam which is to be taken online and is three hours long. That final will mark what will be my last semester at ISU. Once I am married I will be moving to Utah where I am hoping to get into the College of Massage Therapy in Salt Lake. They have two semester starts for the program. One in July and the other in October. With any luck, I will be able to start classes back up in October. Until then, I am not sure what I will do in my spare time. I know it will be a much welcomed break from having to take classes but we shall see, won't we?

Wedding plans are coming along just great. At times it has been frustrating trying to get things planned because, even though it is mine and Mark's day, we still get outside advice from those around us, who I know is just trying to be polite. I get it, I really do but there are days...yeah we will just leave it at that. 

Did a lot of shopping this week. Most of it was for the reception. Bought all the table covers, napkins, glasses, center pieces, etc...still need to decide on how we are going to greet people. We just want something casual and fun...nothing to formal. Might have to do a little pinterest surfing and see if I can find some cute but fun ideas to use...hmmm.

Oh and my mom and I found the perfect shoes that will go great with my wedding dress! They are flat and cute and comfy to boot! Since I was probably going to be on my feet all day, I wanted something that was going to work for me and that I didn't have to take off. Since I am not having a long dress I couldn't go barefooted, I don't think that it would have been appropriate. Oh that reminds me of my skirt. My aunt is helping me sew it together. My first big sewing project. The material is so stinking cute too! Now if only I could find the perfect top to go with it. Guess there is more shopping to do!

Been starting to sort and go through stuff in my room and packing up my things. I just packed the top shelf of one of my book cases and started to tear up a little. It will be a new exciting adventure in my life story but at the same time it is bitter sweet. *sigh* will be hard in the upcoming weeks but it will also be good for me as well I think. 

I will have to keep you all posted on that progress.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

It's Been A While

It indeed has been some time since I last took a few minutes to update the world on what is going on in my little piece of it. School has been keeping me busy as well as being over my mom's eye drop schedule (she recently had both of her eyes worked on...) and fighting a severe ear infection that came back even though I was on antibiotics earlier in the month.

Anyway, as I was logging in on the net to find some ideas on what I should do for my lesson, I realized that I have not been great at updating my LDS blogs! SHAME ON ME!!! What I thought I could do during the summer while in school I am finding out I can't do all that well. However, I might just try to sneak in a handout out or lesson plan here and there and then maybe, just maybe I might find myself caught up on everything!

Oh good news! As most of you are aware I am engaged to be married. However, before that could/can happen, I have to be unsealed from my previous spouse. I have spent the later part of April getting paper worked signed, letters written, meetings with my priesthood authorities and finally as on the 26th of May, my letter from Salt Lake finally came and my petition of cancellation has been granted! So plans are now being made for a wedding on August 17th! That is less than 3 months away! Can you believe that?!?

Anyway, that is what is new with me at the moment...between school, family and planning a life doesn't get much more exciting that this!