Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A New Year or two....

I know, I know it has been a while since I have written anything in the realm of blogs (minus an update on the family blog). I should be ashamed but lets just call it what it was....I was LAZY and didn't have it on the forefront of my mind with everything that I was going through. You will be happy to know that I did graduate from UCMT in both the Professional and Master Bodyworker programs along with finally working as an LMT so maybe you could cut me some slack? Just a little.....???

Well, as you can tell by the date of this post it is now officially the year 2014! Can you believe that 2013 went by so fast? I guess when you are busy time really does fly and we have been busy (If you want to know what we have been up to, let me know and I will send ya a link if ya don't already have it). With a new year comes the traditional New Year Resolutions which we all know will be broken within a week or two after making them. Nonetheless, we still make them in the hopes that we actually follow through with them. 

I am going to be one of those hopeful few and make a few resolutions. Maybe by posting them here and some of you who are reading this might hold me accountable? Maybe? Perhaps?

The first thing I want to do is get back into going to the temple on a weekly basis. We were going every Friday night but then the holidays hit and yeah...we have been bad BUT hopefully now that everything is dying down we can get back into that habit.

The second is reading the scriptures. I have been bad at this my whole life. I believe the last time I read the Book of Mormon was when I was in the YW presidency and I had set a goal for my self to finish it and while I did in 30 days give or take and I really did learn some things from that experience, I didn't really get all that I could from it. So, I am going to go through again and read and maybe start a scripture journal to help with the studying and if that goes well, we might just move on to the older stuff of the bible. Pray for me, will ya?

Third, I want to get better at planning a menu and trying new recipes out. Maybe if I were to do that, I could lose a little weight. Let's face it, if your like me, most of us could probably afford to get rid of the holiday poundage that we might have put on if we dug down deep inside of ourselves. I know total cliche on the weight loss resolution and I am almost sure to fail but maybe I should say, instead, to get healthier. Drink more H2O and eat more fruits and veggies? LOL. We will see how that goes. I really should try and keep that though.

Lastly, I want to get organized and get rid of some of the boxes/bins from our move and down size the amount of things we have that we don't need or use anymore. That, my friends, will be a real accomplishment if I achieve any ground in this resolution. I am good at talking myself into reasons why I would need or should keep something...maybe implement the five second rule? If it takes longer than 5 seconds to decide (maybe 10 seconds??) then I really don't need it. I wonder if that will work????

Anyway, that is some of my goals this year...I will try and update you all on the progress. We shall see how that goes. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Little Rant...

I don't know the person who made that video or who put it together but I think it gives us rare glimpse of what that day was like and the aftermath that had/has spiraled since that tragic day. I can't imagine what it would have felt like to actually witness that in person or to have family fall victims to this event.

 I do remember what the country was like that  day and the few days after...we rallied together and became "one nation under God" for the first time in a long time could we say we WERE the UNITED States of America. The world is spiraling out of control...people are fighting over the stupidest things instead of fighting for things that REALLY matter. I don't know who said it (maybe Lincoln?) but the saying "united we stand divided we fall" is more than just a is a truth that is becoming more and more real as the days start to go by.  I don't often get political or very spiritual on here because it is not my style or my thing and I don't understand politics enough to even comment on them but I do know this. I know that our great nation, the nation that has survived two world wars, a depression, fighting the mental effects of Vietnam, where thousands of people died for their country and what they believed our country to stand for, is going to hell in a hand basket.

We live in a nation where God is being taken to court to be removed from anything that has to do with the government because of civil rights and people getting offended by it. This great nation was founded on religion and prospered under the blessing of God. Our forefathers held those beliefs to be self evident and sacred and 237 years later we are destroying their vision. We are nitpicking at the wording of documents that are of historical and significant value. We are changing and abolishing laws that were set in place for a reason but society (and dare I say the government) has grown so corrupt and for what? seems to be the new currency around here. 

Playing Catch Up

If you have been reading my new blog that follows the adventures of my new married life, then this post will sound sort of like a broken record. 

The past week has been somewhat crazy to say the least. The good thing about this week is I got 95% of the wedding thank yous done and sent out. Feeling pretty good about that considering the hand cramp I was getting. Hoping to get the rest out by the end of the week. *let us cross our fingers*

So let me catch you up on what has been going on...if I miss anything hope on over to Our Crazy Life Together and that should fill in any of the blanks.

Last Sunday we sort of played hookie on the Sabbath...I mean we went to church but afterwords we left and I got to spend some time with Mark just having fun in downtown SLC. I don't know what it was I just felt that we needed to get away from the apartment and him away from the craziness of work and just have some fun.

 So we ended up eating some really good pizza at the Pie, which the original Pie location is in the basement of college pharmacy but we found some closer ones to us that aren't as dark and cool but we could at least see our food and get our own refills. 

Then we headed to the Gateway and to the Clark Planetarium. It was like being a kid again. Will definitely be going back to see one of their light shows that are set to some music. But then we ended the night with some Ben and Jerry's and The Dark Knight Rises in IMAX. Which is funny in and of itself because the IMAX theater is in the Planetarium part (even though the megaplex in connected to it) we were on the planetarium side of the wall waiting for the show and the planetarium was closing. Yes, Mark and I were locked in by a fence in a closed Planetarium. We were finally able to get to the theater side to get like popcorn when someone had walked through the double doors (which the handles were only on the theater side of the door). It was odd and kinda creepy.

So that was Sunday, then Friday we went in and signed a lease agreement for a basement apartment in our ward that had come available. I guess this couple had bought a house and decided to rent out the basement so they had been getting it ready for renters and we were lucky enough to hear about it and since we were already members of the same ward and they knew and liked Mark (we were working on renting that place before we were married) and knew what type of person he was, they were happy to rent to us. So we signed the papers and now are waiting to get the keys. They are doing some lock changes and water heater stuff first and then we will be moving in. Not sure of the date but we hope by the end of the month. I would like to be settled in before school starts up for me on the 8th of October. At least now this will give me something to do while Mark is at work. 

Then Friday night we decided that we would hit a temple session Saturday after he got off work and we ended up at the Salt Lake Temple. A first for me. It is so much more different seeing live action instead of a movie...I will leave it at that. I did have to bite my tongue more than once but was quickly able to gain composure when I started looking at the history and the artwork of that temple. 

So the beginning of this week....hmm...had home teachers over for the first time and if I didn't know any better, I would say the one has an I.V. of coffee dripped into his veins everyday. Oh my gosh he made me tired just listening to him. Nice guy, has family (an aunt and uncle who is a dentist up in Poky) I found out from Poky who just happened to live in the ward that was severely affected by the Charlotte fire. But like I said, extremely nice and friendly just is a body full of energy!

So then Monday, yesterday, came and hit me with a huge migraine which I hadn't had for a while but it hit me right as a huge thunderstorm hit. Yeah, thunder, lightening, kids screaming, hail...didn't mix to well with the headache...soon the power was out. Yeah for four and a half hours I was in darkness. Two hours of that I was by myself since Mark was at work. Told him about it and we left to Jordan's Landing to get good and candles since we were not sure how long the power outage was going to last. 

Dinner was Chic-fil-a the first time I had been to one...I now know that my body doesn't like their spicy pepper jack chicken sandwich...spending the night in the WC by candlelight isn't that romantic. Luckily the lights came on about 30-40 minutes after we got home. Made me realize how much I truly rely on power....thank you power company for working to restore it. Maybe when I get more items for times like this gathered I will better like those moments. Sigh...well that be it for the update...pretty sad really...nothing to exciting to go on! Until next time!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Oh Give Me A Home...Ward.

Today was my first Sunday in a new ward. I have only ever been to two new wards in my life up until today, the first was the small branch that I was in when I lived up North and the other was when I ventured out (don't know what I was thinking) to the singles ward for 5 months. 

When I think of a ward, I think of my home ward that I grew up in. There were times when I couldn't stand half of the people that lived in our ward boundaries and there were some that I just didn't get along with...needless to say it was MY home ward. I spent around 25 years of my life growing up in. Some of the members there had watched me grow up since I was knee high to a grasshopper. I have to admit I was sad to walk into my new ward and not see all the familiar, sweet faces of those that I have known pretty much my entire life. Like the sweet elderly couple who sit on the front of the back section of the chapel and listening to the high squeak pitch of this brother's hearing aid go off, or sitting and chatting with them for a few moments. Or the former bishop who every time he sees me he tells me how I was the first child in primary to beat him in reading the Book of Mormon back in like the late 80's early 90's. 

Sigh...but luckily for me, the church is pretty much the same anywhere you go. The people may change but the church itself is still the constant variable in the equation. Wow, did I just use a math analogy to make a point? SCARY!!! I do have to give my new ward some credit. The few people that I did manage to have a conversation with were extremely nice and friendly. Others (like me) seemed to put off a very impersonal vibe. I know this because I am often called out on it myself. I am just shy and hate to be the center of attention in a situation where I know NO ONE. It did bring me a lil comfort to know that there are people in the ward who have lived in Poky or the surrounding area or have family currently living there. At least that was the start of some common ground between us. 

I am sure that I will loosen up and find my self involved at some point (and no I will not be sucked in and become a Utah Mormon...I HAVE STANDARDS!!!- that was for you big bro, just a lil friendly assurance). I think that all I will need is some time and being involved in and on my own terms...I just don't want to feel like I am  being forced. Get what I mean?

That being said that was my Sunday adventures. Oh, FYI, before I forget, the chicken that I made last night turned out really yummy. I think I would increase the citrus and cut down a little on the Thyme and Oregano as they seemed to over power the rest of the flavors. Still yummy...I think I will have to keep that one for another time...even though it was made for the George Foreman grill, you could definitely cook it on a regular grill or even a pan...still would be yummy! I also broke out my kitchen aid mixer that my in-laws gave us as a wedding gift and made drop sugar cookies...yummy recipe but I think I over mixed the batter while trying to get the rest of the ingredients in OR it is the older oven that I have no idea what the exact temperature that it cooks at or when it is preheated properly but since it looks like we will be moving out of this apartment, I am not too concerned at getting a oven thermometer. 

So there you have weekend in a nut shell....laters!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

First day alone...

Yes, it is my first day alone in the apartment by myself since Mark had to head back to work today and I let him have the car. I figured as long as he had the car, I wouldn't have to drive anywhere or get myself into any trouble...I mean HELLO HOBBY LOBBY!!!

LOL...seriously I have enough here at the apartment to occupy myself with for the next 8 or so hours such as cleaning, organizing (although I don't know how much I should be doing of that last one since we will be packing and moving hopefully before the end of the month) and getting Thank You cards out to everyone who deserves one. Then if I get that all done (which I am sure I won't because you can only write soo many cards before your hand cramps I might install my digital scrapbooking program and create some much needed as I am behind handouts for my LDS blogs. 

For dinner tonight I am trying out a new recipe that came from HERE that Mark found which does sound pretty good. So I will have to let you know how that turns out for us. Still not sure what I am going to serve it with though...sides were never my strong suit so we shall see. Will post pics though either through here or on our family blog which you can find HERE.


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Welcome to the Land of...

That is correct, I have officially crossed the state line from my beautiful and somewhat peaceful Idaho to the busy, crowded, makes me feel slightly claustrophobic of Utah. Such a bittersweet moment as we were approaching that sign...mainly because I am still an Idaho girl at heart but at the same time I was beginning a new adventure that is opening a lot of opportunities for me. 

Not sure what all is going to happen but whatever it is we will get through it. We are eagerly awaiting confirmation of moving into a new apartment which both Mark and I are super excited to do...his current place where we are staying for the moment is a little small for the two of us. The apartment we are waiting for is a larger two bedroom for around the same price that we are currently paying for now. 

I am trying to set up a home knowing full well that in just a matter of days/weeks I could be packing it all up and moving again. Kinda a little annoying knowing that but it will be OK...

That is pretty much my life right at the moment. Just trying to stay true to my Idaho roots while living in a Utahan world. The ward that I have just moved into is eager to meet me and I was informed the day of my wedding that my records were already being requested (uh oh...that scares me) so we shall see. I have only ever attended one Utah ward and that was an experience and a half, I have never seen so many people in one chapel in my life let alone in a Sunday School class...I don't know how I will ever remember names...sigh...

My last bit of advice before I leave ya for the only IDAHO potatoes...they are the best in the world!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

It's The Final Count Down!!

Can't you just hear the opening strains of Europe's song in your head when you read that title? Yeah, me too... =) but the title is accurate in informing us that it is the final count down to me going from a Miss to a Mrs. (Scary!!!) Yes folks, in just 5.5 days I will be married to my best friend and shortly thereafter will be surviving what some might say is the Mormon Capital of the world...yes I will be moving to Utah and officially becoming what I, and many others not from Utah, a U-tard and/or a Utah Mormon. 

I don't know if I could handle that...I am partial to the Idaho Mormon myself and I don't think I could ever admit to being anything other than that =D. I wonder what the profile of "Utah Mormon" is and what characteristics would I have to possess to be tagged as a "Utah Mormon?" Hmm...yeah let's not think about that. 

Anyway, there has been a lot going around my house this last few weeks trying to prepare for it wedding would definitely be categorized as  DIY (that is do it yourself in case you didn't know) wedding and I am proud of that. I don't need nor want anything big and flashy and expensive. If I can't recreate it or do it on the cheap side and not have it still come out looking great and elegant then I don't need it. Besides that is a lot of money to be wasting away on just a few hours worth of fun and hey, let us be honest, if your the bride or groom, how much do you really get to enjoy of it?? I mean you have to be sociable and greet and thank everyone who shows up and heaven forbid if you don't speak to EVERYONE because you will always hear about it. What about refreshments? You spend all that money and how much of it do you actually get to enjoy your self? Little if any at all. Then if you are a perfectionist you are worried about everyone else who is helping out if they are doing their job correctly! And at the same time praying that NOTHING BAD OR UNEXPECTED happens. Yeah not a big fan of surprises...especially if they are not good surprises. 

But as the title suggests we are in the last stretch or the 9th hour or whatever it is they say. This week will focus on mints, packing, finishing with final touches on wedding clothes and decor...crazy  crazy crazy! Anyone want me to be guinnea pig for multiplying someone as to accomplish EVERYTHING that there is to do? Yes, I accept!!!!

So if you don't hear from me until for a while you know why! Hope to see ya there! Oh and be sure to follow Mark's and I's family blog for all the fun highlights of the wedding and our life together!