Friday, April 20, 2012

A little early late night post of sorts...

So it isn't very often that I blog from my phone but hey, when your restless and can't sleep...what a girl to do right? So here I am blogging to who ever might be reading this instead of trying to get my sleep and if you know anything about me....I love my sleep!!!
So I left off a bit with my current situation of getting my sealing cancelled. Its been sort of bitter sweet for me this week as I wrote and finished my letter to the First Presidency. I was fair and honest. I admitted things that we both did wrong in our marriage so its not like I threw my ex husband completely under the bus. There were a lot of things that I could have included or complained about but choose not too. As hard and difficult as it was to compose this letter, emotionally it was easier than I thought it would be. Maybe its due to the passing of time or the fact that I have recalled those days and memories often enough that I am numb to them or maybe I forgive him more than I know. I dont know for sure but I am glad that the letter is written and ready to turn in to the bishop on Sunday.
With any luck his letter will be completed and he can turn the paper work into my stake president and we can move on to the final steps of the process.
Oh did I mention my bishop did make contact with the ex? He gave his blessing for the cancellation as promised. It has been one of the few promises that he ever made to me that he kept. So can I just say that i am ready for Sunday to come so i can get rid of that envelope that contains the letter.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hey its me

So this post might look a little different than normal. That is because i am typing this post from my phone. What an interesting day this has been. I got to church and people wanted to see my ring and tell me congrats. Then as much as I tried to listen in church i just couldn't because our high council men who spoke were kinda dry and the little girl two rows up was being a cutie. Then after sacrament was over i got stopped again from people wanting to see my ring and tell me congrats and talk with me. I was almost late to my own class!
Ah that brings me to my Sunday school lesson. By Jove i think i have gotten through to them on some key gospel principles of the gospel. We played jeopardy with lesson topics and even though i had to coax some answers out of them...most of them had been paying attention to me.
Oh yeah, i had to meet with my bishop again. We went over the form that has to be filled out in regards to me being able to get married. We discussed what the next steps were and now it is my job to write a letter to the First Presidency of the Church about why i am divorced and why i am applying for a sealing cancellation. I am a little scared because i don't ever recall ever writing a formal letter let alone one that had to be professional in the sense of to the point. That part makes me nervous. Especially since it is for something so important and not to he taken very lightly.  Lord give me strength and inspiration when i start to write.
Well i should get ready for choir practice...i haven't touched the music for a couple of weeks now. Oh the joy!

Friday, April 13, 2012

What A Week!!!

Yikes! I can't believe everything that has gone on this week. So can I just say that I AM SOOOO GLAD THAT TODAY IS FRIDAY?!?! Oh come on you know you were thinking it *wink* 

So this week has been like I said a wowzer of a week. I don't know if I mention this in any of the last posts I did this week but on Sunday I met with my bishop to get the paper work started so I could get my temple sealing cancelled. I know big step for me and anyone who knows my story would almost agree. Needless to say that my bishop was excited for me and thinks that I am ready to make this step in my life and promised me that he would do all he could to make this an easy process for me. Those of you who have no idea what I am talking about or have never had to deal with one of these, they are not easy to do. My bishop has to fill out paper work and contact the ex spouse and then the three of you have to send a letter that goes right to the desk of the first presidency and I have to meet with the Stake President and yeah... there is A LOT of information that is needed to get this to happen. 

Like I said there was a lot of info needed and I worked with my bishop to get him the basic info on Sunday and then yesterday over the process of two phone calls between the two of us, we were able to get 99% of the information filled out and ready to go. The only thing that was missing was my planned *new* marriage date. And that might be a while as I am waiting for Mark to move up here to Poky and get settled in first and then there is the thing of scheduling as most of his family (well all really) lives out of state...we are talking as in California out of state and around his new work schedule and my school schedule. 

Oh and then to make matters worse, my bishop has to try and get a hold of my ex...yeah that might be a challenge since he wasn't to responsive to my email urging him to contact my bishop and pretty much gave what little info he wanted to share to me. Did I mention I don't have any current info on him for contact? Yeah, I wish my bishop luck on that one.

So that has been one event that has happened this week, another one was that I FINALLY heard from the vet yesterday on the results of Bailey's para-thyroid blood work. It came back normal but a certain kind of calcium was was a little high (i can't remember the word, it started with an "I" though) so she had turned to some internal medicine doctors (or whatever they are called) who have been working with her on Bailey over the year and they suggested that Bailey gets this really obscure Vitamin D test done as this could be the reason why she is showing high calcium levels. And to let you know how obscure this test is, my vet has never had to do it before because it just doesn't come up that often. Yeah so Bailey gets to be a guinea pig but I have confidence in my vet to know that everything will be alright. She, the vet, is going to call the lab in Michigan to see if they can run the test off the blood that was already drawn from Bailey that they have or if I have to take her in to have more blood drawn...yeah I don't see Bailey going for that one either. 

So its been an interesting week to say the least...and this is only the beginning. I still have to decide (and quick) what I am going to do with school. Do I take summer classes so that in case their is an opening coming up in the program that I can get in or do I risk not taking the classes and hope that there isn't an opening that I will end up kicking myself for. The reason I am debating is because I have already been accepted into the 2013 program BUT if there is an opening and I complete the pre-reqs before Aug...I can start earlier. Only problem is I am like #9 on the waiting list last I checked.  So...lots to think about, lots to look forward to and lots to do....stay tuned!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Oh My Gosh...PART 2

So here is the second part of my update (click HERE to be taken to the first part if you haven't read it already). This has to deal with the big news and trip that I took over spring break (BTW it was awesome to get to catch up on some sleep during the break!).

So the friday during spring break I headed down to the southern corner of Utah (Cedar City) with Mark to spend a couple days from life and to meet his parents. Let me tell ya it was a long drive in the dark (6.5 hours). Let me tell you, once you get past Provo there is NOTHING to really see...especially if you are going through the area in the dark. 

So here are some of the pics that I was able to take (most of them are in St. George some of them are in Cedar City- I don't know why I didn't take more while I was there but maybe I can talk someone into sharing their photos with me!)

This is from the bottom of Bryan Head Canyon on the way back down cause I was getting car sick
 Bottom of Bryan Head Canyon is a lot taller than the pic gives credit for.
Picture of the temple while I was actually walking hence the awkward angle
 Of course this is the St. George Temple heading into the visitors center 
 The tower of the St. George Temple
 St. George Temple 
 One of the two identical stair wells that lead up to the temple
 I had no idea that they had beehives on the railings
 Nor did I know there were Palm trees down there on the temple grounds
 Flag pole at the temple
 Trying to get a cool shot of the flag waving in the wind...failed
 The St. George Temple
 I kinda like this one of the temple with the sun shining out 
behind it.
 Again same as above
 Hmm...I like this one.
 Another attempt to make a cool pic
 Would be good if the flag wasn't in the way
 Baby Palm!!!!
 Another baby Palm!
 Main entrance into the temple 
 Again main entrance to temple with fountain
 Close up of fountain and the entrance
 Closer image of fountain...oh they have a revolving door!
 Other side of fountain
 St. George Tabernacle
 Brigham City Temple....yeah wasn't expecting to see that coming through
 Construction site and view of the angel Moroni
 Angel Moroni on the top spire of the Brigham City Temple
 Brigham City Temple
 Another shot of the temple from a moving car
 Again the same as before
The Logan Temple with a pole in the way and very cloudy wet weather coming our way.
So there are the pictures of the trip...oh let me share one more (which isn't one that I took)

Now you are probably wondering why I have a picture of Red Robin (Provo's) on here....well this is the place where Mark chose to propose to me on April 1, 2012...yes April Fools on me. His plans were originally to hit up some scenic waterfall but weather was not exactly our friend as we hit everything driving up that was a surprise and unexpected event...but needless to say that was the trip in a nut shell. Marks parents were absolutely nice and I enjoyed spending time with them and the trip itself was a great break from life. Will keep you updated on how things are going!

Oh My Gosh....

A lot has happened since I last updated this blog...I am a slacker on all 3 of my blogs *shame on me I know* but I am going to take some time to update you for a few...I might do this over the course of 2 posts so it doesn't seem SOOOO LONG and daunting to read. Sound like a plan? Yeah, I thought so too!

So first let me update you on how school is. After this year I have decided that I teaching is not my thing. Don't get me wrong I love teaching but the subjects that I am going to school for to teach are not what I am passionate about. I LOVE history but truth be told I LOVE english history during the dark ages. They just don't cover that in school (at least not here) and I am not a fan of fact it was one of the few subjects that I didn't even really like (Math being the first and still is). 

So I have given a lot of thought over the last two semesters on if education is something that I really want to do with the rest of my life and it isn't. I love teaching but I will still have several opportunities to teach with the numerous church callings that I have and will have through out my life. That being said, I have been offered a place in the Massage Therapy Program (a definite for the 2013 but there is a small chance I might get in to the program this summer-mind you a slight chance if I get the pre-reqs and people drop). So I am excited about that. I have known some people who are massage therapists and it seems like an interesting career. I have always been amazed on how massage and simply the power of touch can heal and relieve stress.

 I know I have to get over my feet fetish but at this point it is doable and I have to face my fears sometime (besides it is way easier to face my fear of feet than it is to face my fear of spiders). It is also a health care job and I swore that I would never go into the medical field but thinking about it, my definition of medical field is in a hospital and deals with blood, needles, nurses and doctors. All the things I don't like.  So as of the end of this semester I am officially in the College of Technology up at ISU. 

Also, an update on Miss Bailey...we are back to running more tests. Her check up showed even higher levels of calcium in her system which is dangerous for her. So she had to go back in and have more blood work done and we are still waiting on the results to that. I am not sure I really want to know but at the same time I do. Hopefully something comes up that will shed some light on what is causing the rise of calcium in her body. Keep us both in your thoughts 

Anyway, I am going to continue this update in another post with a few pictures and stories from spring break!