Sunday, July 29, 2012

It's Getting To Be That Time

The clock is starting to tick down the minutes until I officially go from a Miss to a Mrs.. No matter how you say it, time is of the essence and I think I am running out of it. 

For the last few weeks  lets get real more like the last few days... I have been trying to get through all the crap that I have accumulated in the five years that has landed into my little 12x12 room (or how ever big it is). Needless to say I have yet to sleep in the middle or left side of my bed and you can barely walk around the room due to the presence of totes and boxes and things to get rid of in some shape of form. To make things a little bit more complicated, as I am packing, I have to start determining what is essential enough for me to move down to Utah with as the apartment that I will be living in isn't exactly the Taj Maj Hall. However, the silver lining in that is that at least Mark and I will be close together AND we will be looking at some other apartments in his current complex that are bigger to move into. So hopefully its not too long before I can be reunited with more than just the important stuff. 

So on top of all the packing I am still in the middle of finalizing wedding details for our ceremony and reception. This has placed a little bit more of a stress on me because Mark and I will already be married by the time the ring ceremony and reception comes around.   I am glad we are doing the ring exchange because it allows for those who were unable to be in the temple with us as we were married and sealed and those who might not have been able to make the 45 minute drive north due to work or other problems, that they can still feel included in the whole wedding ceremony too. 

And if you have any knowledge of LDS marriages and ring ceremonies you will know that a ring ceremony is not like your standard civil marriage. From what I have read and talked with people on it, it reminds me being at a baptism. You have the opening and closing prayers, a musical number, a talk by the bishop or who ever, a few words by some friends and family and/or the bride and groom themselves and then you have the exchange of the rings. That is it! Bing, bang boom your done! So this little ceremony we have set up in the Relief Society Room at the church which gives another space in which to make somewhat decorated and coherent to the rest of the decorations. 

I believe after much searching the world wide web and Pinterest (I don't know what I did before that dream site)I think I have found the answer to my prayers...I think. All I know that is this whole thing has me just a little stressed out and I know (and my family can attest to this) when I am stressed, I am grumpy and short...when that happens I tend to make everyone else that way. Don't know why but it always seems to happen and tensions start to run high. At this point...come August 18th, I just might sleep or die...which ever might happen from the exhaustion. 

Friday, July 20, 2012

It Is Still HOT...Ugh!!!

Yes, it is still hot as Hades here in the city. Was relieved when it rained a few days ago...I really enjoyed those cooler temps. Almost makes me wish we had some snow...almost.

Life has been been crazy but quiet. A lot has been going on trying to get ready for my wedding that is less than four weeks away. Still have plenty to try and get accomplished. Mainly packing is the big item on that list. I pretty much have the center pieces for the table all set...I might color some more rice just in case...maybe tomorrow?? I will have to post pics of the process or do a little tutorial or something and show you guys what it looks like.  I originally had teal decor rocks but they were slightly larger than I had anticipated so I went with the rice option instead. The reception is nothing will look like it I think a little bit when you walk in but when you get close you will see why I say it is more casual than formal. 

Then there is the issue of the cake. Instead of a cake, we had opted to go cupcakes since they were smaller and a lot easier to serve to people. We had talked about two different kinds but my cupcake guru who I have been having this conversation with might be having to change her plans which will cause me to change plans and baker. That is a little unnerving as I don't know who I would turn to. I would do it myself but that is a lot of baking, in a non a/c home in the middle of 90+ degree weather. I am already making the chocolate mints which will be a big undertaking in and of itself. 

I know I am sounding like I am complaining but I am not. I think it is more of me creating a to do list. If I type it out, I am expressing my thoughts which in return help me see what I still need to do. And there is a lot more! Like a ring ceremony! And a new temple recommend interviews! Whew...but it will come together, I know will, right?

Oh yeah, I have a new craft project that I am going to be working on and guess what it involves? Spray paint! Yup that is right...I am going to be "painting the roses red" or I guess in my case Sorry had to get a little Alice in Wonderland moment out of my system. This should be fun! I am hoping that it will turn our ok and go with the image I have in my head...if not, it could be disaster! At least it will be fun though! If you go to my parent's outside back porch, you will already see faded white spray paint marks from previous projects for camp.

Oh, I hate to say this, but I sorta am missing not going to girls camp this year. I admit I am not an avid camper. I hate being dirty and the heat but I love camping non the less. We had a great group of young women that made it worth the negative parts. The new camp director that took my spot keeps telling me whenever I see her that she is nervous about taking my spot and that she doesn't have all the neat things that I have for the girls this year. She is a wonderful, creative lady but I still wish I was there. I know...I know...But I guess my being released was a blessing in disguise because planning  a wedding and girls camp at the same time would have been chaotic! Not that I couldn't have done it, but it would have made life a little bit stressful. 

Well I guess I should close the post...been thinking about remaking my blog over and updating it a bit...but I am sure that is going to have to wait! Until next time!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

It's Getting HHHHOOOTTT In Here

Who in their right mind would want to have triple digit temperatures! Yes, my little piece of heaven in the middle of a river  plain got to 100 degrees today. Then the few days prior to today was in the upper 90's...yeah Audrey is not a happy camper. I am a mountain weather type of girl...give me upper 60's lower 70's and I am a happy otter. 

Anyway, moving on from the heat wave. Summer has finally arrived for me! Yes, I have survived my two summer classes and can I just say, I passed with A's!!! Yup, that is right I managed to get an A in Anatomy and Physiology in just 8 weeks. Again this made for a happy otter. I am currently negotiating with UCMT to start their program in October. Still waiting on my enrollment application. Should be getting a phone call from the rep I have been working with tomorrow. I had to fax in my high school diploma to them before they could process my FAFSA.'s been 10 years since I graduated and yet they want to see my diploma. Oh well, I guess they know what they are doing. Sort of nervous but excited at the same time. Once I get into the program however, I can be done in about 8 months and then like another month or so for their master body worker program. So in a year, I could be done with schooling and have a diploma/certificate.

So speaking about school reminds that in a little over 30 days I will be getting married! Nervous but super excited about that. There is lots to do to pull everything together. I still have to finish putting the center pieces together, finalizing the baker, getting a new temple recommend, a marriage license, packing and making mints because someone sort of backed out of it (long story that doesn't need to be told at this time). Plus there is still the duty of finding a few willing souls to help with getting refreshments out and what 
not.  Sigh...all in a days work, but it can be done and it will be done.
It has to get done. But I am POSITIVE that it will all come out A-OK in the end. 

Anyway, that is an update on my life....Im going to go melt into bed. Night Night!