Monday, January 25, 2010

I'm Not Over

Ok, so decided to update a bit, as I do have a few mins between my classes today. Wow, the past couple of weeks have been insane!!! School is now back and session and this semester is kicking my butt right from the start! This week I have 4 papers to work on (technically 3 because of them is a list of thesis statements for a paper that due in a week and a half). 3 of them are due this week. The other is a little longer than the previous ones mentioned and will be a interesting write to say the least. I still don't know what I topic i want to write about. That is half of the challenge there. Not to mention I am still a bit behind on some reading and making outline of the chapters for. Its a snowball effect for me and the class that I am taking on Thursday nights on Ancient Egypt is not going to be as easy as i once thought. Luckily, I can write outlines of each of the chapters and lectures and use the notes from them for my exams.

I got my first math test back today. I didn't do bad, but I had thought I did a lot better than what I did. I just made some dumb mistakes and looking back over the exam that had her marks on it, I can see where I went wrong. GRRR....but I guess there is always the next one. We went over some of the new chapter and I like these better than the previous chapter. Although, I am sure I will be eating my words soon enough on that. Math isn't my strong suit, but I am working on changing my attitude towards it. That I hear is the first step (as well as admitting that I need help...I don't ask for help enough. I am they type of person that has the mind set that I can do it on my own....I am wrong when it comes to math.) to get over the disdain that I hold for that particular subject.

Other than school, life is pretty ok. Could always be better, but hey...its a start! Nursery is going amazingly smooth. With just three kids we are able to work one on one with them and really get them to understand the teachings of the gospel that we are trying to teach to them. We have on girl who hardly speaks but we have her speaking a little bit more each day and even saying prayers! I get such a joy in watching them grow and interact with not only us but with each other. I am anxious to get more kids in April, but at the same time I don't want anymore because that one on one will slowly diminish, although the joy will still be there.

Well, its getting to be late (which is when I am finishing this up --I started it during my break at school as to take a break from studying for a bit) and I still have LOADS to! Take Care!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Keeps Getting Better

So its just a few days into the new year and already it has shown signs of promise. I know, good news right? I am hoping that it keeps getting better (knock on wood). =)

So I went to church on Sunday, not knowing what I was going to be expecting. The first curve ball, was the person they decided to call as the Young Woman's Girls Camp Director. After being told that I would more than likely be getting called to that position, I wasn't. Am I sad about it? Yeah I am in a way, but then again...all things happen for a reason. I don't even know if I am still the assistant camp director. Yes I was called to it and set apart, but was it just for that year or until i am released. If it is the second option, I think I will have to pass. I cant work with the new director. I had issues with her when it came to the ward choir and its something that I don't think I want to put myself through (especially after last years fiasco).

Nursery was definitely different. We had two out of three kids attend. It was quit until our littlest buddy had a horrible accident. He was playing with a toy monster truck and it kinda got a little wild on him. It flipped up and the grill on it hit him hard in the mouth. That little spot in the mouth right above the two front upper teeth. We had blood running down the the other leaders mouth, and this little guys face. Not to mention he has been cutting teeth too! Oh mercy what a way to start the year up.

We also found out that we will have eleven kids in by December of this year. That is a lot of little youngsters but I am excited to get them in there. Right now, like I said before, we have just three kids but come April we will get four more for a total of seven!!! It is definitely a change, but hey....its well worth it! We have awesome kids and they are such a delight (most of the and bring the best out in me. It always breaks my heart to see them graduate to Sunbeams.

We do have a lot of fun things planned. A new snack menu and games. New formats and we are hoping for more communication from our Primary Presidency. We seem to be forgotten since we are out in Area 51! My big project that I am working on this month, is making Chunky Crayons!!! Since we have a lot of little kids coming in (18 months) and we do a LOT of coloring and drawing, we like to give them the bigger, fatter crayons. As they like to try and eat them as most kids that age try and do. So I have taken all of our little crayons (and some of my own that I have extra of...and yes...I do own a TON of crayons...thanks to my many different callings that I have had) and melting them into round chunks (muffin tins are the star in this achievement). I have spend most of the night, unwrapping over a hundred crayons and breaking them into little chunks. Let the meltdown begin....TOMORROW!!! I hope.

School starts in a week. I am still waiting for my check from Financial Aid check so I can get my books. They are going to be costing me a nice pretty penny. I am most excited though for my ancient Egypt class. I have always loved learning about the culture and the Pharaohs and what not, it will be my fun (hard) class! It will definitely be a change from my two math classes and Geology/Lab. I know doesn't sound like much fun but hey...its got to be done. Had I paid more attention the first time around, I wouldn't have to retake some of these classes.....GRRR on me.

Anyway, I have got my to do list this week....going to try to crank out some cleaning and organizing, as well as some more personal things like starting my journal up again (yeah i know there are somethings in my life I just cant share on here...sorry people!) and I have made the commitment to read the Old Testament. Wish me luck....

I hope that they year is still treating everyone well and that if it isn't....start kicking its butt!! Take care.....

Friday, January 1, 2010

Ready 2 Go

I cant believe that 2010 is finally here! I have been anxiously waiting for the new year to start. The last couple of years have definately been hard on me so I cross my fingers and pray that this year will be better.

To tell you a little about myself, my name is Audrey and I am currently enrolled in college. I am a sophmore working on finishing up my general education requirements and looking to go in to Secondary Education. I have a passion for history, especially for the Tudor period. I often wonder what it would be like to have Henry the VII and Anne Boleyn for dinner and see what would happen between them. I also have a passion for music. I have studied piano for 13 years but have been playing for 17 years altogether. I have had many opportunities to perform and play. The most recent has been the accompanist for my ward choir. I have the honor of accompying them for the last two years and it is just the beginning. I have also served as branch organist, when I lived up in the northern end of our state. It was definately an experience.

Like I mentioned earlier, I am the ward choir accompanist. Yes, that means I am LDS. In addtion to my calling as the choir accompianist, I am also the assistant girls camp director and a Nursery leader and I LOVE every minute I get to spend with my kids on Sunday. They bring a smile to my face every week. So you might come across posts that just apply to my Nursery calling (and if I am called back to girls camp).

A little history, I am the y0ungest of three kids in my immediate family. I have been married and was sealed in the Logan Temple however, I have been divorced for two years now and as much as I was hurt by that choice (and by far it has been the hardest decision I have ever had to make), it was the best thing I could have ever done. I lost my dad last March after a long and trying battle with a cancer that is still incurable. My dad was a big part in my life and I learned many things and shared many intrests with him (as in history, I got my love of history from him). He is greatly missed and loved. However, I know that someday I will be able to see him again and we will be reunited. I have no kids of my own yet, but I look forward to someday being able to enjoy that experience, but I am in no rush... =) I do however have a spoiled beagle named Bailey who is like my kid. I just love her to death!

This is also my first time I have ever blogged out side of Myspace (can we even call that blogging??). I mostly wrote for the fact that I had a lot going on in my life and needed somewhere I could clear my head. So please bear with me as I try and get a hold of it all.

Anyway, I hope the new year is kind to each and everyone of you (that is if someone somewhere is reading this...) and I look forward to sharing a little bit of my little world with you and making new friends.