Monday, May 2, 2011

Almost Made It...

So I am just two assignments away from being done with school for this spring semester!!!! Oh yeah go me!!!! I just have a research paper and an online final to complete and then I am done.

So yeah, let me update you on all things going on in Audrey's world. School has taken a lot of my time. Between several different papers, quizes, and classroom observations, life has been a little crazy causing my motivation to go down the drain. Yes, I said it, I HAVE HAD NO MOTIVATION! {GASP!!!!}

My church calling has also kept me busy. I am still awaiting for my camp directors to be called and sustained, so it has just been me trying to get ideas and stuff put together. Other than camp, there is mutual. Last Wednesday we had the girls doing make overs and no make over is complete with out a photo shoot. The girls went WILD which is good because that showed that they had fun.

Lets see what else has been going on...oh yeah I bought some fish to go in our fish tank... they died of ich a week later. So I had been babying 3 sick fish back to health and yes I did baby them. My dog Bailey was getting jealous. So Saturday I had bought some new ones (my tank is and was ich free) and they are doing well...I think one of them is preggers so I might be a grandma...LOL.

Yeah, that is my life....pretty exciting right??