Saturday, April 17, 2010


Spring is FINALLY here and I couldnt be happier. So much has happened in the month and a half since my last posting that has kept me busy! School has started to pick up as we near the end of the semester and its going to be doozy of an ending. All my major projects are due during dead week and at the end of this coming week, i will be dealing with the new registration system that ISU decided to implement and already I am having a hard time navagating through it to find the class offerings! Just another headache that has ISU written all over it.  All I can say is that it will be a breath of fresh air ones the first week of May is done and over with. **Woosah....**

Not only has school started to pick up but so have my church callings (in fact I should be getting a nursery lesson put together instead of blogging....whoops!). We are now breaking in three new kids into our nursery and the first week was an absolute nightmare! We had surround sound crying and screaming. Luckily it was General Conference the following week so we didnt have to go through that mess again. It gave us time to regroup and conquer with a new plan of attack since the last one didn't work. Last Sunday was actually pretty good. The two new kids that were giving us the "issues" we had the parents stay in there with them to help ease them into this transition. Yup, no more drop and leave. It is now drop and stay. Now if we can only convince the parents to come pick their kids directly up after church lets out and not 15 mins later. Grr.....

It is also my turn to teach the lessons this month on top of singing time. I love singing time, I would be happy if I could do just that. Maybe if and when we get our third helper, we can get them to take over my lessons so I can just focus on the singing. The only down side is that I find some of the cutest handouts and always like to share them with the kids during my lessons. I am all about the handouts! I am thinking about doing the ice cream cone builder for singing tomorrow....we havent done that yet and it should be a little fun. We can see how many scoops of ice cream we can get ontop of our cone before the time is out. Now if I can only find a hand out i like for tomorrows lesson i would be good to go....hmmm.

So not only has nursery picked up, but so has choir. We are back to our monthly schedule again. I have yet to be called back to this position. I know but your thinking wait, aren't you playing for the choir? The answer is yes, but after they released me from it when my dad died, they never put me back in and the choir director seems to like what i do and so he has me play for them. I dont know who is technically suppose to play but I feel kinda bad about taking it from them. So it is unofficially an official calling for me.

GIRLS CAMP has kicked off for our ward this past Wednesday. The Stake theme is Warriors of Cummorah and having all the wards base their ward theme off of a Book of Mormon hero. Our ward is Alma the Younger. Which is a good story and I know the girls could get a lot from it. I need to get with Holly and see if we (as the camp and assistant directors) get a meeting scheduled with the Young Women's presidency to see what all we can get planned and get the ball rolling on assignments and decorations and what not. So when it actually comes down to the time we leave, we can just worry about the fine little details and be more prepared than we were last year. It was disasterous last year and the planning was crap (well from what i gathered from it anyway. I wasnt involved in it till last minute and that was because the bishopbric got on the previous camp directors butt to include me) and things were over looked and forgotten and not well planned. I don't want to see the same happen this year. We got awesome girls and for a lot of them, this will be their first year and we want to make sure we get them to come back next year!

We had our first aid clinic for certification today. It went off alright. We had five girls there (which from what i gather was pretty much the number of girls going) and it seemed like they had fun. Apparently all the girls now are aware of one vital sign of shock----diellated pupils---VOOM!! Hey, if they remember it all the more power to them, but it was roflol type moment! All of  them are unique and different in their own little way, it will be awesome to watch them grow during that week of camp. So if everything goes they way i would like (and mind you i am only the assistant camp director), the girls will walk out of their with a greater respect of the gospel, the Book of Mormon, Alma the Younger and of course greater respect for themselves.  So here is to hoping....