Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What a week or two

What a couple of weeks it has been. The good news is though, that Miss Bailey is back to a normal, happy dog again. She was able to get rid of the ugly e-collar or what has been dubbed the "cone of shame" and had her stitches removed. She stills has quite a scar on her tummy that the vet says should flatten within a couple of months. Not to mention her hair is growing back in (they shaved the areas around where they were cutting) and she is itchy, itchy, itchy. Its been quite a sight to say the least. Although she has gotten quite use to belly rubs now that she has her stitches removed. Which is a good thing considering I am suppose to be keeping a weathered eye out for any other bumps that she might develop.

Did I tell you the results of the biopsy? If I did, bear with me for I don't remember. They vet called a week before we brought her back in. She told me that the bigger mammory mass was binine or rather non cancerous. The smaller mass that was about an inch or two from the larger mass, was indeed cancer. Oh Joy! However, according to the pathologist, the vet had removed all the cancerous tissue that was around it. What a relief! So hopefully, there isn't anymore that decide to show up.

School is getting to be better and worse. I have a ton of reading to do yet no motivation to read it all. I love history and have decided that as my major but boy, some of th books that my professors are requiring us to read, just don't do anything for me. So I am struggling through them...slowly but surely I guess, right? I start my observations for my education class tomorrow. I am a little nervous just because I am not sure what to expect. I am lucky though that I have scheduled all of my observations before the trimester ends! Woo Hoo, go me! Ok, so it really won't be that bad, I just hope I get my observations as observations without any interpretations or assumptions till AFTER I go back and review what I have taken down. Can we say, excited to go back to high school??

Also, its been a stressfull week at our house and with our family. My Aunt Myrna lost one of her daughters (a twin) to some serious health issues this past Saturday in St. George, UT. It has been quite a stressful time full of worry and concern, but to everything there is a purpose and meaning. God has his reasons and his plan for us. I guess that is where faith comes in. Its going to be tough on my Aunt the following days and it will be hard to see her go through it, but she is a strong women with a great family to give her support. So if you are reading this, please keep her and her family in your throughts and prayers. Thanks!

Anyway, as for the girl they call Otter, that is my life in a nut shell at the moment. Been busy trying to catch up on my other blog that is dedicated to the Young Women's organization. Check it out sometime to see what I have been up to in my spare time and need for sanity!