Monday, September 19, 2011

Its Been A While...

So yeah, I know that I have been bad at keeping this blog updated. Summer has ended and school has started.

Some event high lights of my summer...hmm...I think working with my mom and her committee on their SRD back in June had to be a was a lot of work with out a lot of thanks from the one higher up...the flying monkey. But it was fun, even though I had planned on staying home and enjoy having the house to my self. 

With SRD over with, it allowed me to really buckle down and get working on girls camp stuff. There was a lot of headache in the first few months of planning but I made it through and in the end it all came together. You can read about my experience at Girls Camp HERE. It was a lot of fun. We have a great group of YW which made the experience well worth the lack of sleep (literally) and all the time put into it.

Lets see, another July highlight was going down to the Living Aquarium in Sandy, Utah. Still chicken to stick my hand down and touch a manta ray (sp?). There were young kids who had a lot more guts than I did...Did I mention they were HUGE? Even though I didn't touch them, I did witness even shook its butt 
(which reminded me of the penguins from Mary Poppins). They were really cute.  I also learned that I don't want to piss off an electric eel...those puppies are mean little suckers. There was a place where they had creepy crawlies of the 8 legged variety...did I go by them? UM...NO!!!!!!! I moved straight to the cockroaches instead. Oh and it was the first time I drove from SLC back to Poky...thank heavens for car pool lanes on Utah interstates/highways!

Hmm, that brings us to August...which means school started. We are on week 5 out of 16 weeks (almost half done!). Kinda scary because it doesn't seem like its been five weeks but it has. I think the biggest plus of this semester is that I am taking a British Literature (maybe its called English Lit) and we have just entered into the very beginnings of my favorite time period! In fact today in class we talked about Henry II, which I just finished reading a good book on him and his wife, Eleanor of Aquitaine. Henry is the first of the Plantagenet line which is the line that will turn into the the two houses of York and Lancaster which eventually lead to Henry VIII. Yeah, I feel like I am on cloud 9 there.

Hmm...lets see...other than a few doctors appointments (which ended up with me being placed on an anti-depressant, which seem to be working, although its still a little early to tell for sure), nothing new has really been going on.  I had an awesome opportunity to attend a training with the YW General Board which was REALLY good a couple of weeks ago...hmm...that seems about it. I am sure that there is something else that I could add but I don't remember it and my break is coming to a close (I still got to make it cross campus to the BA building) for a Latin American History class. Laters!