Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What A Week...

and I am sure glad that it is almost over. Yikes, I feel like I have been all over the place. It was the first week of the summer semester and let me just say that it has been, um....awkward. In one of my classes I am one of two students and up until today I have been the only student attending the class...even more of an awkward moment and next week it will be the same thing. And as much as I love the one on  one, I miss the benefit of having others in the class to help facilitate a discussion. Needless to say it has been interesting and a lot of out of school studying (more so than usual). However, I am finding it interesting. The good thing is with this smaller class size...we are not meeting nearly as often and instead of four days a week we will be meeting two days a week! This will be nice.

Also what is happening in Audrey's world, Mark and I spent Tuesday evening having engagement pictures taken. My sister in law was kind enough to take them and they were pretty cute...would have been better if our eyes would have communicated with the camera more of when they decided to blink. Oh well, they still came out good and we found two to use for a wedding announcement. Which I might add I have personally designed with the help of my better half and as soon as we get the go ahead from SLC, we will get them ready to be sent out and I might even share with all of you (you are out there, right?) on here when the date can officially be announced. 

I will try my best to keep you posted on the details and what is going on. That is if I can remember to take a few minutes and update cyber world (I feel bad I have slacked on a few of my LDS blogs) whenever I get a spare to do so. Maybe there will be pictures   too along the never know with me. 

Alright my fellow readers, I am taking my exhausted brain/body to bed...lots of studying to do in the morning. Good night y'all!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Break...sort of

Hey everyone...its me again. Finals are finally over and done and let me just say I couldn't be happier! However, I am going to have to put a hold on my summer vacation as I am going to summer school and it starts on the 14th. This is a good thing though. I am getting my pre-requistes out of the way so that I can get into my program (praying I get in this coming that would awesome!).

Life has been pretty crazy over the last few weeks because of school and thinking about things needing to be done for the wedding...even though we don't have the OK yet from SLC we are still trying to get things planned and started so when the time comes we can put it all into stone. But things are coming along good, we still have a little bit of time to talk some things over. After all we both want something that is simple and fun....neither one of us are big "hey look at me" type of people.

Oh speaking of aunt came down today and she helped me get started on making my "wedding dress." We measured and cut on a pattern (my first one) and then went fabric shopping...we found some super cute and fun prints that will definitely match our "theme" (even though we really don't have one...LOL).

Life is good...I can live with that.