Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Little Rant...

I don't know the person who made that video or who put it together but I think it gives us rare glimpse of what that day was like and the aftermath that had/has spiraled since that tragic day. I can't imagine what it would have felt like to actually witness that in person or to have family fall victims to this event.

 I do remember what the country was like that  day and the few days after...we rallied together and became "one nation under God" for the first time in a long time could we say we WERE the UNITED States of America. The world is spiraling out of control...people are fighting over the stupidest things instead of fighting for things that REALLY matter. I don't know who said it (maybe Lincoln?) but the saying "united we stand divided we fall" is more than just a saying...it is a truth that is becoming more and more real as the days start to go by.  I don't often get political or very spiritual on here because it is not my style or my thing and I don't understand politics enough to even comment on them but I do know this. I know that our great nation, the nation that has survived two world wars, a depression, fighting the mental effects of Vietnam, where thousands of people died for their country and what they believed our country to stand for, is going to hell in a hand basket.

We live in a nation where God is being taken to court to be removed from anything that has to do with the government because of civil rights and people getting offended by it. This great nation was founded on religion and prospered under the blessing of God. Our forefathers held those beliefs to be self evident and sacred and 237 years later we are destroying their vision. We are nitpicking at the wording of documents that are of historical and significant value. We are changing and abolishing laws that were set in place for a reason but society (and dare I say the government) has grown so corrupt and for what? Power...it seems to be the new currency around here. 

Playing Catch Up

If you have been reading my new blog that follows the adventures of my new married life, then this post will sound sort of like a broken record. 

The past week has been somewhat crazy to say the least. The good thing about this week is I got 95% of the wedding thank yous done and sent out. Feeling pretty good about that considering the hand cramp I was getting. Hoping to get the rest out by the end of the week. *let us cross our fingers*

So let me catch you up on what has been going on...if I miss anything hope on over to Our Crazy Life Together and that should fill in any of the blanks.

Last Sunday we sort of played hookie on the Sabbath...I mean we went to church but afterwords we left and I got to spend some time with Mark just having fun in downtown SLC. I don't know what it was I just felt that we needed to get away from the apartment and him away from the craziness of work and just have some fun.

 So we ended up eating some really good pizza at the Pie, which the original Pie location is in the basement of college pharmacy but we found some closer ones to us that aren't as dark and cool but we could at least see our food and get our own refills. 

Then we headed to the Gateway and to the Clark Planetarium. It was like being a kid again. Will definitely be going back to see one of their light shows that are set to some music. But then we ended the night with some Ben and Jerry's and The Dark Knight Rises in IMAX. Which is funny in and of itself because the IMAX theater is in the Planetarium part (even though the megaplex in connected to it) we were on the planetarium side of the wall waiting for the show and the planetarium was closing. Yes, Mark and I were locked in by a fence in a closed Planetarium. We were finally able to get to the theater side to get like popcorn when someone had walked through the double doors (which the handles were only on the theater side of the door). It was odd and kinda creepy.

So that was Sunday, then Friday we went in and signed a lease agreement for a basement apartment in our ward that had come available. I guess this couple had bought a house and decided to rent out the basement so they had been getting it ready for renters and we were lucky enough to hear about it and since we were already members of the same ward and they knew and liked Mark (we were working on renting that place before we were married) and knew what type of person he was, they were happy to rent to us. So we signed the papers and now are waiting to get the keys. They are doing some lock changes and water heater stuff first and then we will be moving in. Not sure of the date but we hope by the end of the month. I would like to be settled in before school starts up for me on the 8th of October. At least now this will give me something to do while Mark is at work. 

Then Friday night we decided that we would hit a temple session Saturday after he got off work and we ended up at the Salt Lake Temple. A first for me. It is so much more different seeing live action instead of a movie...I will leave it at that. I did have to bite my tongue more than once but was quickly able to gain composure when I started looking at the history and the artwork of that temple. 

So the beginning of this week....hmm...had home teachers over for the first time and if I didn't know any better, I would say the one has an I.V. of coffee dripped into his veins everyday. Oh my gosh he made me tired just listening to him. Nice guy, has family (an aunt and uncle who is a dentist up in Poky) I found out from Poky who just happened to live in the ward that was severely affected by the Charlotte fire. But like I said, extremely nice and friendly just is a body full of energy!

So then Monday, yesterday, came and hit me with a huge migraine which I hadn't had for a while but it hit me right as a huge thunderstorm hit. Yeah, thunder, lightening, kids screaming, hail...didn't mix to well with the headache...soon the power was out. Yeah for four and a half hours I was in darkness. Two hours of that I was by myself since Mark was at work. Told him about it and we left to Jordan's Landing to get good and candles since we were not sure how long the power outage was going to last. 

Dinner was Chic-fil-a the first time I had been to one...I now know that my body doesn't like their spicy pepper jack chicken sandwich...spending the night in the WC by candlelight isn't that romantic. Luckily the lights came on about 30-40 minutes after we got home. Made me realize how much I truly rely on power....thank you power company for working to restore it. Maybe when I get more items for times like this gathered I will better like those moments. Sigh...well that be it for the update...pretty sad really...nothing to exciting to go on! Until next time!