Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Little Rant...

I don't know the person who made that video or who put it together but I think it gives us rare glimpse of what that day was like and the aftermath that had/has spiraled since that tragic day. I can't imagine what it would have felt like to actually witness that in person or to have family fall victims to this event.

 I do remember what the country was like that  day and the few days after...we rallied together and became "one nation under God" for the first time in a long time could we say we WERE the UNITED States of America. The world is spiraling out of control...people are fighting over the stupidest things instead of fighting for things that REALLY matter. I don't know who said it (maybe Lincoln?) but the saying "united we stand divided we fall" is more than just a saying...it is a truth that is becoming more and more real as the days start to go by.  I don't often get political or very spiritual on here because it is not my style or my thing and I don't understand politics enough to even comment on them but I do know this. I know that our great nation, the nation that has survived two world wars, a depression, fighting the mental effects of Vietnam, where thousands of people died for their country and what they believed our country to stand for, is going to hell in a hand basket.

We live in a nation where God is being taken to court to be removed from anything that has to do with the government because of civil rights and people getting offended by it. This great nation was founded on religion and prospered under the blessing of God. Our forefathers held those beliefs to be self evident and sacred and 237 years later we are destroying their vision. We are nitpicking at the wording of documents that are of historical and significant value. We are changing and abolishing laws that were set in place for a reason but society (and dare I say the government) has grown so corrupt and for what? Power...it seems to be the new currency around here. 

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