Sunday, August 26, 2012

Oh Give Me A Home...Ward.

Today was my first Sunday in a new ward. I have only ever been to two new wards in my life up until today, the first was the small branch that I was in when I lived up North and the other was when I ventured out (don't know what I was thinking) to the singles ward for 5 months. 

When I think of a ward, I think of my home ward that I grew up in. There were times when I couldn't stand half of the people that lived in our ward boundaries and there were some that I just didn't get along with...needless to say it was MY home ward. I spent around 25 years of my life growing up in. Some of the members there had watched me grow up since I was knee high to a grasshopper. I have to admit I was sad to walk into my new ward and not see all the familiar, sweet faces of those that I have known pretty much my entire life. Like the sweet elderly couple who sit on the front of the back section of the chapel and listening to the high squeak pitch of this brother's hearing aid go off, or sitting and chatting with them for a few moments. Or the former bishop who every time he sees me he tells me how I was the first child in primary to beat him in reading the Book of Mormon back in like the late 80's early 90's. 

Sigh...but luckily for me, the church is pretty much the same anywhere you go. The people may change but the church itself is still the constant variable in the equation. Wow, did I just use a math analogy to make a point? SCARY!!! I do have to give my new ward some credit. The few people that I did manage to have a conversation with were extremely nice and friendly. Others (like me) seemed to put off a very impersonal vibe. I know this because I am often called out on it myself. I am just shy and hate to be the center of attention in a situation where I know NO ONE. It did bring me a lil comfort to know that there are people in the ward who have lived in Poky or the surrounding area or have family currently living there. At least that was the start of some common ground between us. 

I am sure that I will loosen up and find my self involved at some point (and no I will not be sucked in and become a Utah Mormon...I HAVE STANDARDS!!!- that was for you big bro, just a lil friendly assurance). I think that all I will need is some time and being involved in and on my own terms...I just don't want to feel like I am  being forced. Get what I mean?

That being said that was my Sunday adventures. Oh, FYI, before I forget, the chicken that I made last night turned out really yummy. I think I would increase the citrus and cut down a little on the Thyme and Oregano as they seemed to over power the rest of the flavors. Still yummy...I think I will have to keep that one for another time...even though it was made for the George Foreman grill, you could definitely cook it on a regular grill or even a pan...still would be yummy! I also broke out my kitchen aid mixer that my in-laws gave us as a wedding gift and made drop sugar cookies...yummy recipe but I think I over mixed the batter while trying to get the rest of the ingredients in OR it is the older oven that I have no idea what the exact temperature that it cooks at or when it is preheated properly but since it looks like we will be moving out of this apartment, I am not too concerned at getting a oven thermometer. 

So there you have weekend in a nut shell....laters!

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  1. Should I tell you now or later that Obama said he was going to be a great President too? Look at what he turn at to be... I wouldn't say that you are NOT going to be a Utard just yet.... :)